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About us

The approach used was developed by Greg Wallace.


Greg Wallace - biography


Greg was the Headteacher of Woodberry Down Community Primary School from September 2001 to December 2013. From September 2008 he was Executive Principal of a Federation. In 2008 the Federation comprised two schools, by 2011 had grown to five.


All the schools improved rapidly from very low starting points. Under Greg’s leadership Woodberry Down had three consecutive ‘outstanding’ Ofsted inspections. Two other schools in the Federation also achieved ‘outstanding’ ratings from Ofsted.


Greg has extensive experience of providing CPD. Areas of expertise include:

+ Literacy in Key Stage 2

+ Handwriting

+ Maths (see www.effectivemaths.co.uk)

+ History and geography

+ Making the curriculum culturally relevant

+ Effective Marking (see www.effectivemarking.co.uk)

+ Leadership and management

+ Teaching and learning


Greg was a National Leader in Education and Woodberry Down was a National Support School and National Teaching School. He has served on a number of government reviews, including the Bew Review of Key Stage 2 testing, the Teacher’s Standards review and the ITT skills tests review.


Greg has worked in Univeristy teacher training and currently works for a large academy chain four days a week.


Greg has one day a week free and can be booked for a range of school improvement consultancy and CPD.







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Geographical Association (2008)

Refugee Boy: geography, inclusion and inequality


Institute of Education (2007)

Background matters






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Feedback from training and conferences


“One of the workshops almost reduced me to tears of joy, as I felt as though through my active listening, I was sharing in the success of an amazing group of children from a school in Hackney…”

Teacher, Streatham


"Thank you for the excellent presentation yesterday which was well received by everyone. The quality of the work and pupils books was of a very high standard. We were also impressed with the marking system and the way it linked with the inclusive curriculum."

Black Children’s Achievement Consultant, Lambeth


"I was very impressed by the quality of the work which your school has done, and by the amount of dissemination that you have been involved in-this was also clearly the view of all the participants as well."

Brian Netto, School Improvement Adviser, Lambeth


"Thank you so much for all you contributed to our conference yesterday. Your presentation was very highly rated in the evaluations:

Greg’s work is inspiring, thank you!

Greg Wallace, inspirational

I loved the way you presented your wonderful work, with voices of children, music, split screens... It was a privilege to hear your story, thank you."

Lynda Graham, UKLA


"We had rave evaluations of your session at UKLA."

Teresa Cremin, President UKLA


"Thank you very much for your presentation. We so enjoyed your talk, really based on good teaching and learning- as well as being a visual treat. Thank you again."

Consultant, Croydon


"HUGE thanks for your presentation at Southwark in December. It was utterly inspirational from a variety of perspectives - your leadership - with equalities at the heart of what you do, the work you shared - particularly The Other Side of Truth, and those wonderful boys!"

Consultant, Southwark


"Thank you for the excellent input. Not only did you really make staff stop and think, you also suggested practical ways forward."

Headteacher, Hackney


Quotes from Ofsted on leadership




“The headteacher is an inspirational curriculum leader and exceptional teacher who works very closely with his very effective deputy and senior teacher to ensure that all pupils are treated fairly and are fully involved in the life of the school.” (In relation to role as Headteacher.)

“The leadership and management of English are excellent and the co-ordinator is an excellent role model for teachers. Systematic and very detailed monitoring of teaching and learning through lesson observations, samples of pupils’ work and discussions with pupils are very effective, and consequently the quality of teaching has improved significantly since the last inspection.” (In relation to role as English Co-ordinator.)




“The executive principal is an inspirational leader who has built an excellent team of assistant headteachers. Outstanding leadership and management ensure that the school has continued to make considerable progress since its last inspection.”



“Outstanding leadership has ensured that the school has gone from strength to strength since the previous inspection. The ambitious vision, shared by all, sets high standards for quality and performance. Self-evaluation is perceptive and contributes exceptionally well to clearly focused improvement plans. Maintaining the quality of teaching at the highest level is the school’s top priority… Monitoring of the quality of teaching leads to an exemplary programme of professional development for teachers. The excellent practice found across the federation is used to best effect through extensive coaching sessions, demonstration lessons and team teaching. Thorough programmes for new teachers ensure they are able to fit in to the Woodberry Down teaching methodology with no time wasted. All aspects of the school’s work are subject to detailed scrutiny, and well-planned actions lead to rapid improvement. Since the previous inspection, standards continue to rise over time and outstanding performance has been maintained. Leaders and managers have tremendous capacity to improve and maintain excellence. The rich memorable curriculum meets the interests and aptitudes of the pupils exceptionally well, promoting equality and tackling discrimination.”

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