Effective Marking


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Action plan

The Effective Marking Action Plan links directly to the effective marking judgement table and Teacher's Handbook.


You can download an extract here. The full version is available for members to download from in the ‘members only’ section.






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Effective Marking posters

These Effective Marking posters are intended to inform and remind people about the different aspects that constitute the approach developed by www.effectivemarking.co.uk


They can be used as reminder prompts for teachers and displayed in classrooms and corridors. They can also be used to form a display for parents/carers about the approach, ideally accompanied by some children’s work that exemplifies what the posters are saying.


The posters summarise some of the key parts of the five stage action plan in the Effective Marking Teacher’s Handbook.


Full colour A3 versions priced as follows:


- £15 per set for non-subscribing schools (excluding postage and packing) or buy 5 or more for £10 per set


- £10.00 per set for subscribing schools (excluding postage and packing) or buy 5 or more for £7.50 per set