Effective Marking


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Effective Marking Kids NO BORDER

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The stickers are grouped into three categories:

-     Conduct behaviour (outside and inside)

-     Learning behaviour

-     Health/safety linked behaviour


Click here to download a guide showing all the stickers.



The stickers in practice

Woodberry Down, London Fields and Mandeville use specific stickers on a three week cycle.


You can download

the behaviour focuses

used by these schools



Whole school

behaviour focuses

Positive behaviour reward stickers

BH Conduct Behaviour on stairs 1 BH Corridors Walking in line 1 BH Learning Consistently attentive 2.1 PW Listened really carefully 1 PW Worked really well 1 To arrive at school on time b

The stickers are available to members to download in the members only section.


If you are not a subscriber to the site you can purchase all the electronic templates of the stickers for £200. They will be emailed to you.