This was the second lesson in a series of 6 history lessons (plus 2 English at the end) about Mary Anning. The children knew little about her at this stage and were making deductions from her portrait. You can see the full Mary Anning project here. You can see another, slightly different, example of marking from this topic here.


Although it is a history lesson one key grammatical error is corrected.


Teacher responds to immediate content. Then goes on to put two stickers in the child's book. One is from a range of stcikers that either say 'Great...', 'Good...' or 'A pleasing effort'. The other sticker was a result of the responses of the majority of the class as observed by the teacher during the lesson. Most of the children had focused on the person (Mary Anning) and her dog (Tray). The child then responds ('I think the painter...') at the start of lesson 3.


 A subject-specific target is set.

The teacher also asks the child a question linked to the target ('When do you think it was painted?')