This was the third lesson in a series of 6 history lessons (plus 2 English at the end) about Mary Anning. The children had been investigating a range of primary and secondary sources to find out more about Mary Anning. This is the final part of the lesson. You can see all of the work from lesson 3 here.



One of the key objectives was to correctly identify primary/secondary sources. The error is corrected.

MAl3 sources3

Quick marking


Child responds to sticker ('Why would the author have made sure the book was reliable?'

She correctly recalls that Sir Crispin Tickell, the author, is Mary Anning's great, great, great, great nephew.


The teacher acknowledges the response.


Teacher responds to immediate content.

Child agrees with teacher!

Teacher goes on to put four stickers in the child's book.

(a) from a range of stcikers that either say 'Great...', 'Good...' or 'A pleasing effort' etc
(NB in the previous example the sticker said 'Great...'.

(b) A pre-made history target sticker.

(c)and (d) Response stickers for the start of the next lesson.

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The child correctly ranks the sources used in order of reliability. Previous learning has been re-visited and extended. The class is ready to move on to lesson 4.