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Effective Marking stickers

We have produced an extensive range of very specific marking stickers for English, maths and science.


Effective Marking stickers were developed to:


+ reduce teacher workload in the context of teachers wanting to be judged as good or outstanding


+ be an intelligent way of responding effectively


+ help to keep teachers focused on the task in hand - to stop tired teachers from writing comments that will make their marking ineffective



Wherever possible, the stickers are differentiated – either in terms of the effort perceived to have been applied or in relation to the standard attained.


Click here to see what a page of differentiated stickers looks like for a writing task.


Click here for maths and here for science.



We have grouped the stickers we make into categories. Prior to training there are five main categories to understand.

The 'marking stickers' are clearly a key part of the approach. They save teachers time, focus learning and motivate children.


But they are one part. Using stickers to do part of the feedback means the expert teacher is then free to handwrite  the most appropriate comments/targets

for the child.

Task-linked stickers


Sometimes the stickers provide a prompt for the teacher to ensure the first comments are (a) linked to the overall task (b) are positive! These stickers are usually linked to literacy.










Sometimes the stickers identify specific success criteria. The teacher ticks which of the success criteria are met.












Sometimes the stickers give precise feedback in relation to the level at which something has been achieved. This is how the stickers for maths and science work.













Response stickers



We call these ‘green pen’ stickers. (Because children write in pencil, blue or black ink, teachers mark in red and children respond to marking in green.

Response stickers are crucial and aim to encourage children to go back to previous learning in order to consolidate. They also act as reminders - for example to point out errors in a piece of work.











Target stickers

These are always preceded by an arrow to make it clear to the child that this is something they are expected to do. Sometimes the comments are already written: one of the points of Effective Marking is to predict as much as possible of what teachers might need to write.  Sometimes the stickers are prompts for a target comment from the teacher.














Self-assessment stickers


Follow this link for more about self-assessment.





Peer-assessment stickers


Follow this link for more about peer-assessment.




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