Effective Marking


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Effective Marking Kids NO BORDER

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Our approach

How we developed our marking policy


Using the Ofsted judgement tables - if you a member click here


Thinking about:


 - research


 - children's self-esteem


 - teacher workload


 - the systems and strategies that would enable all teachers to be good at marking and a significant number outstanding


 - best practice in teaching and learning


 - raising achievement


 - consistency across the school


 - a transparent system, easily understood by all


 - purposeful self-assessment


 - celebrating pupil progress on a regular basis



Marking children’s work is a core part of working life for any good teacher. It can seem endless, stretching well into evenings and weekends. When a teacher is behind with marking he/she feels a constant sense of pressure. And does it make any difference?


Yes. It does. Marking is one of the most crucial forms of assessment around. It is when we can really show children that we value their efforts, it is when we can judge our own effectiveness as teachers, it is when we can make strategic decisions about the next steps children need to make. More than all that, it is a rare opportunity to have an individual dialogue with every child.  Marking should not be seen as a chore, but in that context- the context of every child. Because ever child does matter – and always has. Marking children’s work is all about the teacher responding to the individual and gaining knowledge of that individual.

We want to show you how we do that, whilst reducing the time spent on marking and making it something you enjoy.