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Refugee Boy

Benjamin Zephaniah may often be thought of as poet. In this book, Refugee Boy, he writes a powerful, moving and challenging story. It is a cross-curricular project and you can see more here. Suitable for Year 6 upwards.

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"We were really impressed by the breadth of the work that the pupils had done and the high standards of work they produced. "  Natural History Museum

"The work looks amazing... Congratulations on such a really exciting piece of curriculum work.... This is really interesting work for all sorts of reasons - both the content  focus and the pedagogical approaches used with the pupils that has such an effect on their achievements. I would like to contact you again re

your work and how we might use it  - whether as an example or as a link to the excellent material on your site.

The Geographical Association (various)

"I loved meeting the children at Woodberry Down and experiencing their enthusiasm about reading a story that reflected something of the world they know. The quality of their work around The Other Side of Truth is outstanding! The way the children have engaged with

the novel so creatively and thoughtfully is also a tribute to the way their teachers

have ‘led’ them into the story through such a lively cross-curricular approach.

How I would have loved to join them on their ‘detective’ journey from Victoria Station to the ‘London College of Art’ on the Number 36 Bus!" Beverley Naidoo

"Major Taylor’s remarkable story really grips youngsters and opens their eyes to a significant period in history. We're delighted to see new life breathed into Major Taylor's legacy. These lesson plans offer

effective teaching tools to build students’ skills for discovering and thinking critically about the life and times of the 1899 world cycling champion, who faced powerful racial prejudice. The materials on young car racer Lewis Hamilton help make the history relevant to today’s world."

Lynne Tolman (Major Taylor Association) www.majortaylorassociation.org

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The Other Side of Truth

Based on Beverley Naidoo’s award-winning book, this project is inspirational. Ideal for Year 5 or 6 in the last half of the summer term. It is a cross-curricular project.