Effective Marking


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Effective Marking Teacher's Handbook

The Effective Marking Teacher’s Handbook was written to summarise the main points made during the effective marking training. It also links directly to the action plan we have developed for schools who are implementing the system. The action plan links directly to the effective marking judgement table.


You can download an extract here. The full version is available for members to download in the ‘members only’ section.


The handbook is full of examples of children’s marked work and it includes detailed information on the ten key strategies we talk about:


Strategy 1: Success criteria stickers



Strategy 2: Target stickers



Strategy 3: Effective target setting



Strategy 4: Page numbering



Strategy 5: Response



Strategy 6: Peer assessment



Strategy 7: Self-assessment



Strategy 8: Perceptive comments from teachers



Strategy 9: Marking keys



Strategy 10: Very good leadership and management

Effective Marking Handbook front cover