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Feedback from marking training

A huge thank you to you and everyone in your school for making our staff so welcome. We hope to be following in your very successful footsteps shortly. I'll be in touch… Thanks once again.

Headteacher, Bournemouth

Look forward to working together next year.

Headteacher, Brent

Thank you for the excellent input. Not only did you really make staff stop and think, you also suggested practical ways forward.

Headteacher, Hackney

Many thanks for your time and your ideas. I had a great time. Headteacher, Hackney

Feedback from other training

"HUGE thanks for your presentation at Southwark in December. It was utterly inspirational from a variety of perspectives - your leadership - with equalities at the heart of what you do, the work you shared - particularly 'The Other Side of Truth', and those wonderful boys!"

Consultant, Southwark

"Thank you and your boys for such a fab workshop. Both Kate Myers (am) and Tim Brighouse (pm) were raving about it."

Consultant, IoE

"Thank you so much...it was very enlightening and we were suitably impressed with the standard of work and the positive learning atmosphere."

Headteacher, Kent

"Thank you for an interesting and informative visit… impressed by the focused, well-paced teaching and stimulating classroom environments I observed. The time, energy and commitment… is very evident."

Consultant, Hackney

"Thank you very much for your presentation. We so enjoyed your talk, really based on good teaching and learning- as well as being a visual treat. Thank you again."

Consultant, Croydon

Thank you very much for yesterday. We all enjoyed it and it was good for us to think about why and how we mark for it to be meaningful- a number of staff were busy making stickers last evening!! It was also refreshing to meet a young head so enthused and concerned about the quality of children's learning.


Headteacher, Worcester

Thanks for yesterday. It was a real success.

Headteacher, Southwark

"Thank you so much for all you contributed to our conference yesterday. Your presentation was very highly rated in the evaluations:

Greg’s work is inspiring, thank you!

Greg Wallace, inspirational

I loved the way you presented your wonderful work, with voices of children, music, split screens... It was a privilege to hear your story, thank you."

Lynda Graham, UKLA

Croydon ISP Hub Conference Evaluation 4th July 2008


Morning session: Improving attainment in literacy – Greg Wallace


Excellent – gave me some brilliant ideas that I will use back at school particularly seeing as we are going down the creative approach.


Very inspiring.Lots of great ideas – need time to digest them.


Really superb; interesting speaker very thought provoking and good to see so much children’s work.


Made me think more how we could use books inside school


Wow! I think that was an amazing session that heightened my enthusiasm and charged me with a belief that we can.


Brilliant. Inspiring and so relevant for my school at the moment.


Great thought provoking presentation.


Excellent session, inspiring ideas. Useful for further input in INSET for creative curriculum.


Brilliant! Lots of food for thought.Informative and well delivered.


Really good use of children’s work and ideas.


Great. Really inspirational to start making changes to the curriculum in our school.Incorporating cross-curricular areas into literacy.


Very useful and inspirational ideas.Interesting to see the movement towards whole books and more curricular overlap.


Brilliant – lots and lots and lots of ideas. Started re-evaluating our curriculum and thinking about lots of things to put in place for September! So much to do……


Truly inspiring! It was good to hear about such innovative practice and see concrete examples. It’s given me plenty of tools to share with the schools with which I work


Excellent- highly principled stuff!


Very inspiring – full of fantastic ideas – nice to see that literature has been used as the main focus.


Really superb; interesting speaker.


Very thought provoking and good to see so much children’s work. The key to Greg’s school’s success is that he is the literacy subject leader with the subject knowledge and the vision! Teachers need to know children’s literature


Very valuable and inspiring.


Very informative.Well worth the visit! We will be using these ideas!


Very good – linked to current school priorities and will definitely want to follow up.


Very interesting lots of ideas – could have had some more examples for the lower part of the school.


It was extremely useful to experience how literature can be used, starting from a book, rather than from objectives.


Great presentation – support in making marking meaningful but manageable.


Excellent session. Very useful ideas on feedback and marking that can be fed into schools.Would like to do some follow up work with colleagues at school/at other schools.Many ideas to think of. Looking forward to looking at website. Particularly impressed with samples and his obviously rigorous approach to standards and high expectations.Good ideas about how to improve attainment through e.g. green pen responses. Very useful to see examples.


Excellent ideas about marking that can be used immediately to save time and make marking more meaningful for pupil progress.Have taken away some good ideas on stickers.I would be really interested in taking part in further INSET.