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Gordon Brown is fascinated by all the speciific behaviour reward stickers this child has earned!


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14 September 2014

Marking stickers to support teaching of place value in the new National Curriculum
See the guide here
(Download the stickers in the Members Only section)

15 June 2014
We've been updating Effective Maths. Have you seen the new assessment materials?

18 April 2014
NEW! The Refugee Boy Project

4 March 2014
Did you know you can buy low cost blank stickers from Label Planet?

9 February 2014
Letter family stickers

26 January 2014
Numeral formation stickers

12 January 2014
Uppercase formation stickers

5 January 2014
Handwriting marking stickers for the 2014 National Curriculum : lower case formation (Y1)

6 December 2013
New subscription site to support the teaching of handwriting: Effective Handwriting

November 2013
Coming soon...
Marking stickers to support the assessment of fractions in the new National Curriculum for maths

You can download an extract from the fractions guide here

Maths marking stickers linked to the 2014 National Curriculum for Maths

October 2013
New site to support NC for maths: Effective Maths

October 2013
New subscription site for the Istanbul topic

July 2013
Ofsted report from Mandeville School, Hackney, says:
Marking and feedback are of a high quality. Teachers mark pupils’ work frequently and in detail.
They correct mistakes and provide guidance on how to improve or a question to challenge them
further. Pupils are expected to respond to teachers’ comments, which are in turn marked for
accuracy and evidence of progress.

June 2013
Ofsted report from Whitmore School, Hackney, says:
The school’s very effective marking policy is closely adhered to by all teachers. Pupils receive detailed feedback regularly and frequently on their written work so that they know what they did well and how to improve. They respond to teachers' marking with written comments to
demonstrate they have understood the points that have been made about their work.

January 2013
Marking stickers to use for teaching money - download the planning guide (download the stickers in the 'members only'section)

January 2013
We have two courses running for individual delegates on Friday 25 January. Click on the link near top right corner for details. The Mandeville course is now full.

September 2012
We are delighted that Jessop Primary School in Lambeth has achieved an outstanding Ofsted report.
Jessop attended training at Woodberry Down in September 2011. They then implemented Effective Marking and the impact is clear throughout the report. “The use of assessment to support pupils’ learning is especially effective and marking is of a very high quality… Pupils routinely assess and compare their own work with partners, including children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, and this helps to clarify their thinking. Teachers’ feedback to pupils is of a very high quality and the use of red and green marking informs pupils about the next steps in their learning and gives them opportunities to respond to teachers’ comments. Pupils have aspirational, but realistic, targets and these are shared in lessons so that they can focus on their level of challenge.” Well done!

September 2012
Woodberry Down is now a National Teaching School

May 2012
New training dates are now added via our Twitter feed. We also update the green box to the right of this 'What's new' section.

April 2012
New date added for Effective Marking training: 25 May 2012 at Woodberry Down. This course is for individual delegates.

September 2011
Sample plan from our new programme - Effective Handwriting

30 May 2011
Free handwriting classroom display posters

26 May 2011
Quality feedback from teachers is more effective in raising grades than homework, uniforms and smaller classes, a Durham University study says.
Effective feedback came top of the list in the Sutton Trust study.

May 2011
Class teachers required for September 2011 - Best Start Federation Schools, Hackney, London

April 2011
London Fields, an Effective Marking school, is judged as 'outstanding'.
"Teachers’ use of assessment to support learning is exemplary; it is remarkably detailed, absolutely consistent..."

November 2010
Woodberry Down is one of 12 schools featured in new Ofsted report - 'Reading by six: how the best schools do it.'

November 2010
Updated topic for Key Stage 2 history
Who was Mary Anning?

November 2010
Handwriting training

October 2010
Marking stickers to support vocabulary teaching

June 2010
Self-assessment stickers for use in history and geography

May 2010
Reading comprehension marking stickers

March 2010
Woodberry Down, the school where Effective Marking has its origins, becomes England’s first primary Accredited Schools Group

February 2010
The latest comments from Ofsted

October 2009
Positive behaviour reward stickers

July 2009
New topic for Key Stage 2
What can we find out about life in Istanbul?
Complete with marking stickers

19 April 2009
Science marking stickers linked to QCA units
5E Earth Sun and Moon
4E Friction
3B Helping plants grow well

23 February 2009
Effective Marking is a finalist in the
Innovation Award - Education Resources
Awards 2009.

20 February 2009
Science marking stickers linked to QCA units
6F How we see things
6G Changing circuits
5D Changing state
4D Solids, liquids and how they can be separated
3C Characteristics of materials
2A Health and growth

16 February 2009
Updated planning guides for literacy (writing):
Working towards level 4
Working towards level 3

2 February 2009
Effective Marking posters

20 January 2009
Science marking stickers - QCA Unit 2F Using electricity

3 January 2009
Science marking stickers linked to QCA units
Year 6 - 6D Reversible and irreversible changes
Year 5 - 5A Keeping healthy
Year 4 - 4C Keeping warm
Year 3 – 3A Teeth and eating

30 October 2008
Science marking stickers linked to QCA units
Year 3 - 3E Magnets and springs
Year 2 - 2D Grouping and changing materials

28 October 2008
Science marking stickers linked to QCA units
Year 6 - 6C More about dissolving
Year 5 - 5F Changing sounds
Year 4 - 4F Circuits and conductors

30 August 2008
Science marking stickers linked to QCA units
Year 1 - 1A Ourselves
Year 2 - 2B Plants and animals in the local environment

29 August 2008
Feedback from the Croydon conference

17 August 2008
Science marking stickers linked to QCA units:
3D Rocks and soils
4A Moving and growing
5C Gases around us
6A Interdependence and adaptation

12 August 2008
Maths topic sticker guides for data and problem solving

11 August 2008
Maths topic sticker guides for number, measures, shape and space

8 August 2008
New planning guides added to the site – maths stickers sorted by topic area (ie addition, fractions etc). More will be added soon.

4 August 2008
All maths marking stickers for the PNS are now available - stickers for blocks A-C, Unit 1, Y1-6 added

8 June 2008
Maths marking stickers for Y1-Y6, Block E, Unit 3

18 May 2008
Maths marking stickers for Y1-Y6, Block D, Unit 3

11 May 2008
Maths marking stickers for Y1-Y6, Block C, Unit 3

20 April 2008
Maths marking stickers for Y1-Y6, Block B, Unit 3

17 April 2008
Maths marking stickers for Y1-Y6, Block A, Unit 3

13 April 2008
Effective Marking Teacher's Handbook

New action plan for implementing effective marking

21 March 2008
Science learning mats

15 March 2008
Maths marking stickers for Y3-6, Block E, Unit 2

15 March 2008
Statement re: unauthorised use of the site
If another teacher/school has given you the password for this site then you are using it without permission. The subscription to the site is very cheap.

By using the site without paying you:
- take advantage of the hard work people have put in, out of school hours, to creating and maintaining it
- deny the small financial benefits to the charity we support and Woodberry Down Primary School

When we discover someone has used the site without paying we will:
- write to the Chair of Governors of the school concerned requesting disciplinary action is taken
- write to the LA
- take other action as required

It is highly regrettable that we have had to write this statement at all.

9 March 2008
(1) Peer assessment. How children can be taught to give feedback that is often better, in terms of quality and focus, than the feedback many teachers give to children.

(2) Peer assessment stickers

(3) Peer assessment stickers to download (maths and literacy) - members only

(4) Maths marking stickers for Year 1 and 2, Block E Unit 2 - marking stickers for E2 for Y3-6 will be added on 16/03/08

6 March 2008
Examples of effective marking in science

22 February 2008
Maths marking stickers for Y1-Y6 - Block D, Unit 2

8 February 2008
New MSWord work scrutiny template linked to our judgement table for effective marking (Members only)

6 February 2008
Our judgement table for effective marking

21 January 2008
Maths marking stickers for Y1-Y6 - Block C, Unit 2

15 January 2008
Maths marking stickers for Y5 and Y6 Block B, Unit 2

13 January 2008
Maths marking stickers for Y3 and Y4 for Block B, Unit 2 - Y5 and Y6 soon

6 January 2008
Maths marking stickers for Y1 and Y2 for Block B, Unit 2 - more soon

4 January 2008
New training courses for individual delegates

2 January 2008
Maths marking stickers for all year groups linked to Block A, unit 2

18 November 2007
Grammar and punctuation marking stickers

17 November 2007
Lots of new literacy marking stickers - working towards level 4+ - see the literacy page in 'marking stickers' or
Note to members: these stickers have all been uploaded

11 November 2007
New starter pack for Block E, Unit 1

5 November 2007
What the children think!

4 November 2007
New starter pack for Block D, Unit 1 - £100 for the whole school! (1FE) - 2,556 stickers!

2 November 2007
Maths marking stickers for all year groups linked to Block E1

28 October 2007
More new literacy stickers - green pen stickers, generic praise and task-specific praise

26 October 2007
Lots of new writing target stickers